These two nut-jobs run around the parts of NYC you're never supposed to go to, and show off some of the unique history that is all but forgotten beneath (and above). Having been in the metro myself, you would never, ever, find me running around the maze of tunnels, tracks, and MOVING TRAINS.

"I don't think we should do that...uh, but let's go."

Pretty amazing what one guy can do with a camera and some gear when the content is just this good. Kudos to both Andrew and Steve having the balls to do what they've done here. Beyond the incredible places and things that they do in this video, talking to some of those people that have been living underground for almost 30 years certainly puts things in perspective. 

Filmmaker Andrew Wonder (@andrewwonder) has some other dope stuff on his site. When I first saw Undercity a few years back I watched a bunch of his parkour stuff too. This was when I'd never heard of parkour before, which also blew my mind. 

Steve Duncan (the guide), also has a site dedicated to the NYC Underground http://www.undercity.org. So if you wanna learn more about some of that, there's your spot. These guys got a lot of great press when Undercity first came out, and if you want to see them talk about the film here's a pretty good interview via the Today Show: http://andrewwonder.com/press/entry/today-inside-underbelly