Night of the Slasher

Seeing as SXSW is well underway, how about a TBT to one of our favorite short films to premiere at the prestigious festival in recent memory - Night of the Slasher. Just a year ago the short from director Shant Hamassian debuted and has since gone on to play at 165 festivals around the world. 

Starring Lily Berlina as 'Jenalle', Night of the Slasher focuses on her anti-damsel-in-distress as she tries to lure her former attempted killer back into her house for another showdown. Those efforts include breaking some of the biggest horror movie no-nos you can imagine.

Hamassian crafts his film with dialogue taking a back seat to some interesting storytelling techniques using unique camera movement and terrific physical acting to tell his tale, and NOTS is shot masterfully under the guise of a single take - a la Hitchcock's Rope or more recently Alejandro G. Innaritu's 2015 Best Picture winner Birdman.

The film was essentially created as a scene to showcase a potential feature version, and here's to hoping that we get to see Hamassian's full vision someday. But in the meantime we can watch his killer short over and over: