Netflix Gem: The Creeper

Seeing as today is the 13th of November, and it falls on a Friday, I enjoy getting my fix with a little of my favorite machete weilding, hockey mask wearing, camp counselor killing machine. So I fired up Netflix to get some of that Jason on in the background while I work, and....he's not there.

No worries though! AMC had me covered with a mini Friday the 13th marathon and I got my dose.  However, after my search came up empty handed I started aimlessly wandering Netflix (this is not unusual) and I stumbled across one of my favorite shows of all time, Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Sure I've got a few seasons on DVD, but nothing like having that entire catalog of murder-mystery-thriller goodness all at my fingertips. For anybody not familiar with AHP, its an anthology series, something like The Twilight Zone or Tales From The Crypt, but the stories are more like classic Hitchcock cinema shrunk down to fit 30-minute TV show format. Al Hitch himself directed a handful of these, but most of them were from a handful of other directors.

There's 360 episodes of AHP and I've never seen a bad one. I've probably seen a hundred or so, but today I watched The Creeper. "There's a killer on the loose. Who could it be?  Is it that guy? No can't be. Wait, yes it is! No, no, it's not. Wait..." It's a killer 'whosdoinit', all in 25 minutes! My kinda story.

"Have you checked the children?" BOOM. She's shook.

"Have you checked the children?" BOOM. She's shook.


So anyway, tonight when you go on Netflix and you can't find my boy J-Vorhees, get on that old school vibe and watch some Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and in particular, The Creeper is a solid start. I'll bet you don't watch just one.