Netflix Gem: Escape From Tomorrow

Sundance Cinderella from 2013 Escape From Tomorrow is a film that was shot at Disney World, unbeknownst to Walt, Mickey, Bob Iger or any of the other fine folks in Orlando. They filmed five days inside the park under the guise of a family of tourists, and somehow got this film out to the public without so much as a mention of legal action. It's a very surreal look into the day of a family at Disney, that turns into an absolutely horrific experience at 'Merica's favorite theme park. Having never been to "the happiest place on Earth" myself I can't really relate to a day at the park, but the horror fan inside me really hopes it's a lot like this...

I don't care if you like the movie or not, that trailer is Grade-A top choice. Randy Moore's debut film is at the very least a spectacle. To be able to shoot this, in the park, and it to actually look this good is gold-star worthy in my book. I actually really enjoyed it was well. I was a little surprised after watching Escape From Tomorrow that it got mostly awful reviews from viewers (26% on Rotten Tomatoes). Although, most critics that didn't like it generally suggested it as a "must-see" regardless. I guess I can understand some of the hate. The story is a little uneven, and I certainly enjoyed the first halve more than the second. But STILL, I thought it was pretty damn cool.

Vice did really good behind the scenes with director Randy Moore and lead actor Roy Abramsohn. It's pretty awesome to hear some of their stories about the shooting process, as unique as it was for this. I personally think that the black & white was a great touch. Obviously a lot of the handheld camerawork was probably used out of necessity, but it gives the film a little touch of that shaky family vacation video, which fits. Creativity gets pushed to the limit when you have to shoot under conditions where you need to be inventive, here it shows.

So as of this post Escape From Tomorrow is available on Netflix instant stream, so don't take my word for it. Form you're own polarizing opinion. Shout out to Disney for not suing the shit out of Moore and letting this film see the light of day. Kudos to Pluto.