Mister Sunshine

Here's the story about a guy who was a millionaire, and ended up shining shoes on the streets of Auckland, New Zealand. A remarkable tale of rags-to-riches, but not in the sense of money. Larry Woods now leads a life of self fulfillment. That starts with just being nicer to people, and just being a better person each day than you were the day before. 

So I found Larry's story through my favorite place to find great short films, Vimeo Staff PicksMister Sunshine came about from director Eldon Booth and producer Alex Lovell, as a part of the Loading Docs film initiative (which so happens to include a bunch of other short stories that I'm going to immerse myself in). I love the visuals and I really love the story, but most of all I think the part of this film that I love the most is that it leaves you wanting more. I'd love to see more of this awesome character of Larry Woods WHO IS ACTUALLY A REAL PERSON. Amazing. 

Ultimately, I think leaving the story brief and the audience wanting more is perfect. Larry decided he wanted more out of life, and making people smile is the way he chose to do it. So maybe if we all strive to be a little better, a little nicer, we can learn the rest of Larry's story for ourselves.