EERIE as all hell. When I first started watching this I had a feeling it was going that route, and Crocodile delivered in spades in the creepy department. A short film from across the pond (UK) by filmmaker Matt Harris-Freeth I stumbled across via TearDusk, and I'm very glad I did...

Shades of my favorite clown from the sewers of Derry. I love shorts like this that leave such an impression in such a small span of time. Ripe, and right to the point. Every second means something. Plus, I totally dig the crocodile song at the end. Matt has a bunch of other films and misc. on his site to check out, and xFilm (from my hasty investigation) a production company he works with regularly also has some other great content.


Hiya Georgie!

^ Still the creepiest scene of all time. Poor Georgie.