Bygone Behemoth

The tragic ending to the career of a monster film star (the massive creature itself) when the studio stops calling and only the nostalgia remains.

Who would've thought that a story about a Godzilla-like monster's personal life could be so touching? Bygone Behemoth is a brilliant film directed by Harry Chaskin (@harrychaskin) that debuted at SXSW back in 2010 and found it's way online last year. 

Aside from putting someone in a rubber suit the stop-motion animation was pretty much a neccessity to showcase a creature hanging around in his apartment, but it really gives the film a genuine charm. The puppet and his surroundings are remarkably craft and the art design throughout is the cherry on top - plus that doleful score really sets the mood.

If your into stop-motion design or you just want to see a little behind the scenes of the creature's construction they did a really cool behind the scenes blog on it.