A Skier Knows - Spirit of Alaska

As it grows colder every day and winter succombs New England, there are many gripes and dislikes I have about the cold weather: the frost, the icy roads, pumpkin overload. Even walking the dog, one of my favorite things in the world, becomes a burden when it’s 10 degrees outside and you can’t feel your nose. Don’t get me wrong, the holidays can be great to catch up with family and loved ones. Although sometimes they can be overwhelming to the point where they leave you totally exhausted at the end of a whirlwind of parties and events on top of each other. There is one thing that I always look forward too each and winter, and that’s riding down a mountain on some fresh powder. This film got the juices flowing for me.

A Skier Knows - Spirit of Alaska, is a short film in a series sponsored by Peak Performance and shot by Whiteout Pictures about a pair of pro-skiers/extremely crazy people Henrik Wiindstedt and Matilda Rapaport. They travel to Alaska to shred some of the best free-ski/board spots in the world. I think the thing that really separates this film from a lot of ski/board films I’ve seen in the past is there’s more of an emphasis on what goes on behind the scenes, before and after the runs, and the preparation that goes into setting oneself up for a successful line down some of the most dangerous mountains you can ride. 

For a little extra knowledge on Matilda and her story, check out this other short focused on her. She focuses a little more on her mindset and what happened during the avalanche she mentions in the film. She also states that the scariest part of riding down these sick mountains is getting off the helicopter…wait, what?!

Spirit of Alaska is probably perfectly fit at exactly 15 minutes, but I'm very much looking forward to the episodes to come because I could’ve watched another hour-plus of that story. On that note, I'm gonna go get my board waxed. Happy riding!