Kickstart This - Suzanne Ciani: A Life In Waves

Every now and then I'm going to be posting projects from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo (and any other crowd funding sites that I might stumble upon). It will always be something that I believe will be a great end result and/or has some tremendous rewards for backers to benefit from. Sometimes I might know the filmmakers myself, but for the most part this is just me scouring the internet to find quality films that I really want to see get made.

And in this case, that film is Suzanne Ciani: A Life In Waves. This one looks to be a great find for film and music lovers alike. For those who aren't familiar with Suzanne Ciani, and I wasn't, you are more than likely familiar with some of her work...

Suzanne's story looks all kinds of interesting, and is what initially piqued my interest about the film. However, the crew making up the project throws it completely over-the-top. They've got some great experienced producers attached, and Brad Whitcomb & Bradford Thomason are the filmmakers behind this film. They are also responsible for this...

Top of my Netflix Queue real quick!

GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling has never been brought to my attention until now, and as far as I'm concerned anybody who makes a film about an all women's wrestling promotion from the 80's is a-ok in my book. (*full disclosure, I am a wrestling nerd) In all seriousness this film had a great festival run in 2012, which culminated in winning Best Documentary at Comic-Con International in 2012. They've got a bunch of other films under their belts too that look great too so be sure to check those out too. ----->

With just under a week to go and the fundraising goal within reach I'd really like to see this film get made. So take a look at their Kickstarter page and watch some of their previous stuff. They've also got some great rewards, some of them LEGIT collectable items too.  Hopefully we can get these guys over the hill for what I'm sure will be an excellent film.